03 January, 2014

2014.....and New Year's resolutions


    The only New Year resolution i made was to.......well, now that i think about it i didn't make any. I kind of think New Year resolutions are silly. If we aren't living the best way possible throughout the year and loving Jesus and serving Him with our whole hearts in the old year, we won't in the new year either. If i have a problem with gluttony, not that i would EVER overeat, a New Year's resolution won't do diddly squat. I would certainly never overeat on homemade funnel cakes......or cheesecake.....or chocolate. (is it possible to overeat on chocolate? I didn't think so.) 

   If i tend to read too late at night instead of getting my sanity rest, a New Years resolution won't change a thing. Again, nothing i would ever be tempted with. Unless i have a really good book. And only if i REALLY enjoy the quiet house, which is like every night. Yeah, i don't think a New Year plan is going to do me much good. 

   My personal opinion is that New Year resolutions are a feel good thing that never works because we're trying to change our flesh by ourselves. Won't work. Been there, done that. 

Such fine young bakers!
  So instead of making useless New Year resolutions we made cut out cookies. Lots of them, with garish colors and halloween sprinkles. There was cookie dough everywhere and smeary fingers and blue teeth. Such a beautiful, calm experience. Or it would have been without the children. But then without the children i wouldn't have bothered and neither would i have eaten way to many cookies. I would be about 5 pounds lighter but many memories shorter. In spite of the horrendous mess, we had a good day. Judith and her littles came over and helped, and after cleanup we sat in a stupor and drank iced coffee. At least i was in a stupor brought on by sugar, coloring chemicals, and the whole character building experience, but thanks to the caffeine in my iced coffee the stupor eventually evaporated. And because we didn't have enough sugar and white flour in our systems, we decided to make funnel cakes to kick off the New Year. 
We believe in eating healthy......seriously, we do! 

   Marlin sautéed up some amazing chicken and beef stir fry for supper, and i may have overeaten a bit on that. Not enough to be called a glutton, just enough to feel quite full. 

   Then the men disappeared into the kitchen for a looonnnggg time.....turns out Tony was frying the funnel cakes and Marlin was stirring a white chocolate, peppermint sauce for lattes. Now those are the kind of resolutions i can get excited about. 

   With a plate of warm funnel cake and vanilla ice cream in one hand, and a white chocolate, peppermint latte in the other, i felt quite resolutionized and very.....


Funnel cakes anyone? 


              HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!



  1. U guys have way too much fun together !!!:)

  2. You have me in stitches! That sounds like a perfect way to start the New Year. Our New Year's Eve consisted of everyone in bed before 9:00. Exciting, eh? And we played outside on New Year's Day and now, we have all reaped the just "reward" for all the sugary confections we consumed in the last week. It sounds like the seal section at Sea World and I'm thinking we should invest in some nice cheese to serve with all this "whine", but we'll survive!


    Praying for you guys!!

  3. I was just thinking that it is fun to get a perspective on Tonys life there other than what they write. So glad you can have fun together!

  4. It sounds like you had some fun and it almost made me cry. So glad that God is still blessing you with laughter and fun. Does that make sense? - Anita

  5. I really really enjoy your blog. So sorry for your loss, and praying for you. Nothing is more healing sometimes than laughter though.

  6. I had a good laugh already this morning when I read your experience of cookie baking and the mess and the very bloated feeling....I can quite easily imagine that! I also agree with your opinion on New Years resolutions but I did decide now that the holidays are over I'm gonna try to get rid of extra weight that's been hard to get rid of since I was pregnant with Angelica....so I'm gonna need to exercise some self control for one thing:) :( So glad you can have a good time with Tony's ....we had good times with them too when they were here. :) Marla

  7. Happy New Year to You! :) I had not checked your blog for a couple weeks and I'm so glad I "stopped by"... you have been an encouragement & blessing to me once again! (and seeing pics and hearing about your life over there makes me more & more anxious to get over there! :) Hearing Hadassah's song "music box dancer" just made my day... that is one of my favorites!! Love you... you're in my heart & prayers! Dawn

  8. To everyone, thank you so much for your comments. They mean a lot.
    Karen, i don't think we've ever met but thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement.
    And Dawn, i can't wait to have you over here!


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