24 May, 2014

With Great Pleasure We Introduce.....


She is dark brown and black, a gift from fellow missionaries, and the cutest thing ever. She was welcomed with great joy by the children and a bit of trepidation by the mother. I barely know how to train children and i have NO idea how to train a puppy, but she is adorable and i think it'll be just ok. 

No matter how cute, she really needs to learn to sleep at night. 

Even Emmy is liking this one


  1. Heh. May her cuteness last throughout her days to better soften Mama's heart. May her voice grow quiet and sweet, like soft bird song (rather than raucous coyote's howling at the moon). May she sleep half her life away in quiet oblivion - obviously the night half of her life. May she be naturally attracted to doing her business far from front doors, far from swing sets, far from walk ways, and NEVER in the house. And may she bring much laughter into your lives.

    Good luck!

    (All this from a mama who daily doubts her capabilities as a dog owner and often wishes she didn't have either one of those pesky creatures! - yes, we have two. *sigh* - But, this mama will also admit that it is nice to be worshipped and adored by a creature in spite of my frequent grumblings and growlings directed at said creature. And they are cute. And the children's delight makes it all worth it. I think.)

    Love you!


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