11 December, 2014

Soccer after the Thanksgiving feast
  Marlin is back and i had plans of pictures with him and i and the crew but we were too busy hugging and laughing to think about cameras. Wow, it is just amazing to have him home again. Except that he left before the week was out, taking our friends, Brent and Mariellen Rosenberry and family, to the Masai Mara. At least he's still in Kenya and not across the world.

  Our friends, Brents, came almost 3 weeks ago and we are having a great time. There's something about "old" friendships that are irreplaceable. If you want to see Kenya from their perspective, they are blogging about it at http://rosenberryfamilyjourney.blogspot.com. I have to warn you that i have yet to see a flattering picture of myself on their blog but i'm way to mature to care about such things like that. (is it lying if everyone knows you're being sarcastic?)

 So here's a few random pictures of what's happening the last several weeks.

 First, belated Thanksgiving Day pictures.

The singles did a great job decorating and the women a great job cooking. The men grilled 3 different kinds of meat while we ladies slaved over mashed potatoes, broccoli salad, fruit salad, homemade rolls, 3 different kinds of butter spreads, and a frozen strawberry dessert that was incredibly refreshing.

A table full of giggles and half eaten bites

Zachary at his finest

The Weavers and the Rosenberrys 

  We had a great day. It's the celebration day of the year, since Christmas we all head to church, not leaving so much time for food and fellowship. In the afternoon there were games for the children and a few for the adults. It stormed and rained hard in the evening so we had to put the sides of the tent up while we shivered through our homemade ice cream and pies. Great memories and a lingering sadness that this time next year we won't be sharing Thanksgiving with these people. We love them.

  Fast forward to the Yacht Club. We (including our friends Brent Rosenberrys) had been at the clothing sale and Bible Study at church the other day. It made for a long day, and we refreshed ourselves by heading out to the Yacht Club for supper. It's just a short distance from our house but it's like being far, far away. So peaceful with Lake Victoria lapping at the shore, lush green grass, and yummy paneer.

The Yacht Club. It sounds unaffordable but in reality the prices are quite decent and the food is delicious. It's a little retreat away from the dust, dirt, and commotion of city life.

This picture is so Josh. He is SO full of life and energy and tackles life with gusto.

Phase 10, anyone?

Seriously, we teach them nonresistance. 

The tire pier where only swimmers are allowed. Sometimes there are hippos by the shore but lately they have been nonexistent.

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  1. Love your photos! And I recognize a name! How fun to have the Rosenberrys visit!


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