20 February, 2015

A Missionary Woman of Great Proportions

  So i'm 5 wks away from D-day......and that means i feel beautiful. Fulfilled. Gracious. Womanly.


  I do feel very rich at having the opportunity to carry another baby under my heart, but quite frankly, i also feel very grouchy. I discovered a way to make a husband's eyebrows shoot high is to tell him that you feel grouchy enough that if it was closer to due date you would think labor is soon to commence. Few things make a man panic quicker than to tell him that as he is preparing to head into the interior for the day.

 I assured him. "No worries, dear. I've 5 wks to go."

 Besides, i haven't had the nesting urge and everyone knows there's no chance of a baby before the clothes are washed and pampers waiting. I've only been to see my doctor once because the other two times she wasn't available so i'm sure little mr. weaver will be gracious enough to wait. Most likely he'll be so gracious that he won't show up until my due date is past, and i've destroyed any hopes of presenting a womanly, gracious mother figure to the world, never mind my family.

  At least telling Marlin that i'm miserable enough to take a few heads off earned me a shoulder rub from him. He also ordered all children at a safe distance from me for their own safety sake.

  We're the kind of missionary family everyone dreams of emulating.

  I think though that i'm feeling a bit better after a cup of coffee, laced with caffeine and sugar. If there was a Starbucks close by and i didn't have to brave Kenyan roads and lunatics, i would drive there and ponder the seriousness of life over a good book. That is if i didn't have any other children needing a mother. But i do happen to have many offspring, and there's no Starbucks and there ARE many lunatics outside this compound careening over speed bumps on piki piki's so i will stay put and do laundry.

  Wish me well.



  1. Ah, Darla, I love your sense of humor. And I can completely and totally relate. These days, too, shall pass, but then you already know that. It's just that they seem overly long when you are in the midst of them. On those really rough days, please remember that I'll be praying for you.
    Love, Amy

    P.S. You are my hero. ;)

  2. smile Smile :) Well, you gave the girls and I a good laugh for the day. Can relate to the feelings. Sooo here I am to wish you well. :)
    Praying for you!

  3. Ah, Darla! I love you!
    You said, "We're the kind of missionary family everyone dreams of emulating." Actually, you're the kind of missionary family that all us non missionary families wish that other missionary families were like. Huh? Say what? :-) What do I mean by that? Real. Honest. Able to laugh. Willing to learn. Desiring to grow. Depending on God. Struggling, yet victorious. Alive!

    I love you muchly!!

  4. I'm honored to be your hero, Amy, especially considering that you're one of mine! I check your blog daily for updates and always feel encouraged.

    Mr. Paul, i'm assuming it's Jo. :) Glad to give you a good laugh.

    And Licia, dear friend.....the day i'm sitting in your kitchen holding a cup of hot tea or drinking chocolate will be a very happy day. Can't wait!


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