30 January, 2015

Life in General

  So i'm feeling guilty for not posting for awhile but honestly, i can barely get my basic work finished much less have the energy to write. It seems someone has pulled the plug on my body and all energy and desire to work has drained out. Little mr. weaver continues to grow, meaning i continue to grow, and i'm happy about that, even while i sit in the rocking chair with a book and a glass of vitamin C drink and vitamins, hoping it will work a miracle and i'll be able to accomplish something besides dragging myself from sink to couch.

  I'm not complaining, or at least i'm trying to make it look like i'm not, because i'm a walking miracle. Any baby is a miracle, all the more realized when you have lost one, and i'm still walking, albeit slowly and ponderously. We had a doctor visit this week and were delighted to hear that this little man went from a breech to head down. Yay!! Still not looking forward to labor, but i have no doubt that it'll be worth every earth shattering contraction.

  We've had quite the week. We decided to make a couple hour trip to Tenwek Mission Hospital for a baby consultation. On the way to our doctor's visit a car coming toward us sideswiped our vehicle. The driver's side window shattered so Marlin instantly wore a lap full of glass and a startled expression. Then that evening Jonathan had a hard fall on the back of his head while playing with his big brother. He developed a big goose egg but we weren't real concerned until he started throwing up. The first time he puked i went online and Google faithfully told me to have no fear as long as it's once. By the third time he vomited Marlin called a nurse friend who told us we need to take him in to the ER to make sure he didn't have a concussion. He was deathly white but perked up at the thot that he gets his very own trip to the hospital. I figured at that point he was past the danger of brain damage if he was able to get his flip flops on and cheerfully walk out the door holding a large, purple bucket in case of future vomiting. Turns out he had swelling but no concussion. He proudly showed any interested party the next day the large pictures of his skull and skeletal smile.

  So we feel rich and blessed this week. The ultrasound of the baby looked great, it was only the side of the car instead of the whole vehicle to get sideswiped, and Jonathan has his brain intact.

  And since i'm sitting here with my chin in my hand, wondering what else to write, i think i'll go tackle some more cleaning. I had a cup of coffee this morning and that means i actually have a bit of energy so i want to take full advantage of it. I probably won't sleep till the wee hours of the night in payment but tomorrow's Saturday and that means SLEEP IN! Ahh.....

  Have a good weekend, count your blessings, and enjoy the snow for those of us in hot, dry, dusty Africa...


  1. Hi Darla,
    I read this a couple of days ago, but wanted to come back to let you know that I've been praying for you. I've been in your shoes enough times to understand. Praying that these last days are fairly comfortable and that baby boy arrives safely!

  2. Thanks Amy. I know you have traveled this road often. You are an encouragement!



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