14 April, 2015

19 Years...

  Nineteen years ago on the thirteenth, i placed my hand in Marlin's and said "I do" and started a life full of crazy love and laughter.

  We've had our moments. I once threw a strawberry pie in Marlin's face. One time he didn't come home for hours because he was so angry with me. We probably both deserved it.

  After 5 years of living and sinning together, we were losing our marriage and had long before lost our trust in each other. But anything is possible with God and it's ONLY because of Him that we have the kind of marriage today that means being best friends. He's my homie. I miss him when he's gone, if only for a couple of hours, and delight in seeing him walk in the gate. I've been accused of chasing him around the house but what's a woman to do if her man plays hard to get.

  Marriage is hard work but it's even more fun than hard if you surrender to Jesus and then surrender to each other. I would walk up that aisle all over again (hopefully in a prettier dress) and say "I do" with deep conviction and then i would chase him back the aisle to begin our happily ever after.

  On to other things.

  Christopher is growing, growing, growing. He is such a happy little man, taking long naps and looking around with big eyes and pursed lips when he's awake. However, i think he's getting a wee bit spoiled because he's learned if he fusses someone is bound to pick him up and shower him with kisses and attention. Little stinker.

  I'm healing well and have joined Marlin on his evening walks to try and get this flab whipped back into shape. My hormones have evened out (i think...do they ever really even out?) and every week i feel better. It's such mixed feelings i have with Christopher. I'm 39 and i know my biological clock is  ticking, warning me that there won't be many more babies. For the first time i'm ok with that. If the Lord chooses to give us more children, i'm fine with that but i'm also ok with Christopher being our last. So glad it's not my decision to make but i can rest in God leading through my husband.  He doesn't make such decisions lightly but feels his responsibility to watch over his "weaker vessel" and i revel in that. I used to think i was tough woman, independent and strong. I have since found out i'm not.  So i soak up puddles of love with my little man and kiss his silky, soft cheeks. I breathe in his sweet, sweet baby smell and try to store up enough baby to last me forever, even if forever is until the next positive pregnancy test. :)

  As far as the other eight, not so mini Weavers floating around here, they are doing well. The boys eat enough to cause fear and trembling in their mother's heart as she compares the size of their food portions and the size of the budget. But as Marlin says, it's an investment. We love having teenagers with their corky sense of humor, altho the sparks fly sometimes. I shudder when i think of what i must have put my mama through at their age. It's a wonderful thing we don't always get what we deserve, isn't it?

   I must post some pictures of dress up day at school. I think i'm emotionally deprived from not doing cool stuff like this when i was young. The children had SO much fun!!

The clown? is the teacher. She's great at coming up with wonderful ideas for keeping school interesting. We then have lego lady, house maid, prairie girl, and pippi long stocking.

This is one of the mission boys, covered in camouflage paint and hair dyed with activated charcoal.  His mama did a great job making him look like a Masai.

Prophet Eric

Crusader Zachary (he has a cross on his shield and armor) and hobo Joshua. My children did their costumes totally on their own while i watched and laughed.  



  1. Love the photos! What fun, what fun! And happy anniversary! Remember the year we were at your house for the weekend and both of you had forgotten about it? That was quite funny to me. :-)

    And Christopher is such a cutie! Kiss him a bit extra for me.

  2. Lol, i had forgotten about that Licia! I think that Marlin takes enough time throughout the year to pay me special attention that i manage to forget about our anniversary.


  3. Happy Anniversary!! There is nothing quite like being married to one's best friend. :) We are blessed! I think you should have dress up day for yourself to take care of being so deprived ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary ! I just laughed, scrolled down and laughed some more...love the children's creativity. What fun!

  5. Oh Darla, I LOVED all of this! The marriage thing is sure a blessing at 19 years when God is in our hearts! I love your testimony. Thanks for sharing it. I could say some similar things, ending with that I am so thankful to be in a happy, growing marriage, made possible by the Designer of marriage.

    Your little man is blessed to have loving hearts to welcome him and enjoy him.

    And the pictures of dress up day! Thanks for the laugh! :-) Loved it.

    Take care. Love you. Miss you. We almost went to see Blevins this week, but they are sick and so we reschedule again...between their schedule and ours, it's been almost a year since we were together!



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