03 June, 2015

Happy Birthday, Young Lady!

  I can no longer call her my little girl. She is a young lady, with sparkling brown eyes and a sensitive spirit. Her laugh is contagious, her sense of humor well developed, (well really, does she have an option?) and she's at an age where i can meet her eyes across a room and share a private joke. The kinds of jokes that only friends can understand.

  She's beautiful and i'm prejudiced. I'm ok with that.

 I love her. Seriously love her.

 And she's fourteen today.

Happy Birthday, sweet Emily! 


  1. She is beautiful, just like her mama. Daughters are the very best kind of friends.
    Happy Birthday, Emily!

  2. Happy Birthday, Emily! Abigail and I were talking about you, missing you and your Mama, remarking that we've known you since Abby was TWO (and you've always been such a kind, gentle friend to her!). You are beautiful - just like your mama (though a bit younger and youthful - don't tell her that). Abby misses you, thinks of you often and we ALL can't wait to see you and your family!


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