09 October, 2015

It works!!

  A deep breath, a quiet prayer that my faith would not be shaken whatever the answer, and i turned the sweeper on. It purred to life and the sweeper is working like a dream. You have to understand that this sweeper wasn't just slightly wet. The nozzle had been used to empty a good portion of sink water. It poured water as it sat on the floor in a soggy stupor. It continued to leak water for a very long time. The padding around the motor was wet for days and no way to get to the motor except to send it into a dealer. Even as i vacuumed and held my breath, i heard a still, small voice deep in my inner being. "O ye of little faith."

                                                 THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hooray! So happy for you. It's the little things that make us feel so loved. :)

  2. Hallelujah for a personal Father who cares about sweepers!!

  3. Heh! What a cool blessing... since vacuuming IS needed...
    I think I'll ask for miraculously clean floors that never need sweeping...
    wait. I don't think that will work.

    Anyway, glad to hear the good report! Good to be reminded of Faithful Love!

  4. SO happy to hear this. Happy vacuuming...

    Love and blessings


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