25 May, 2016

Bible Studies for Young Women

      I would like to do a Bible study with Emily on being a woman for God. I could do all the research myself and write one but i simply don't feel i have the time right now. Altho i'm thinking i may just need to since i'm having a hard time finding one that is up to the standards that we want for Emily such as modesty, head covering, marriage etc.
   So any ideas? Or book suggestions? Emily is almost 15 and i have a sinking feeling my years with her are limited. I want to grab every moment i can and one of those ways is by spending time studying the word of God in a relevant manner to today. Sure, we're together all the time and we discuss life issues constantly but there's something to just sitting down with the word of God and applying it to our lives. So i'm taking opinions, dangerous as that may be. :)



  1. Hmmm... can't help you there! But, you and Marlin have integrated fantastic teaching into your lives, so what about (rather than a Bible study, per se) just reading the Word together, savoring the life that is in it, watering each others' hearts by reading aloud, one to the other? No 'teaching' necessary - just the teaching of the Holy Spirit as He knits your hearts closer...

    Just an idea :-)

    If you DO find a fantastic study, do let us all know!

  2. I think you bring out a valuable point......

  3. We have the same problem, but for boys instead. For Bible credits, our evaluator said the boys can just read scripture and keep a journal and we liked that idea. However, I could not find a journal that we liked, so I am now almost finished with making one myself for them. I have also started using a journal again after many years of not and I love it all over again! Quieting Your Heart 6-month Bible Study Journal and Quieting Your Heart 6-month Prayer journal from Darlene Schacht, The Time-Warp Wife. Love the simplicity and the fact that we can read what we choose and there are no dates on it, so if a day is missed, that page is not wasted. It is somewhat frilly and the boys did NOT like that! I am making the theirs similar but slightly different. In the back will be about 6 pages of scripture geared for boys/men they can read/study/memorize. I googled "verses on being a man" and was amazed at all the scripture that came up. You could do the same for girls/women. Journaling would provide the opportunities that Licia mentioned - letting the Holy Spirit lead you to wherever and whatever He wants you to study.
    If you would be interested in the boys version, let me know. Considering on having it published. :)

  4. I was thinking of the journal put out by the Time Warp Wife as mentioned above. You would do well to read the Scriptures specifically for women and then even all through the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament are fantastic teachings that we can apply in our specific roles in life. Love that you want to do this with your daughter.

    We've listened to "The Making of a Princess" CD's (can be found on ephrataministries.org), my girls have read "Beautiful Girlhood", "Joyfully at Home", among others I forget just now.

    Love and blessings,

  5. Thanks friends! Will check out the Time Warp Wife.



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