09 May, 2016

Bits and Pieces

  A bit of an update on our lives, starting with number one.

1. We are still alive and well. Mostly well, that is.

Marlin is having an issue with his eye......Christopher threw up chunky spaghetti all over his mother this evening......we are finding ticks on our children which brings the worries of lyme disease......i'm now 40 and not getting any skinnier. Small things like that.

2. We are still trying to finish schoolwork. That's a real trial when you have boys that could care less about right angles and the mechanics of language. The sun shines, the trees are in full bloom and i expect them to cheerfully sit at a desk? Yeah, not happening so much. But we plod on because those books must be finished or....or....or what??? So maybe we won't finish every book but we are giving it our best shot. Sort of.

3.  Christopher is getting cuter and is walking between people. He's started standing up on his own accord but he just can't quite get his courage up to take off alone. The children are continuing to hope for a set of twin girls.

4. I had a tooth pulled and it reminded me of a c-section in my mouth. I also felt like my body is betraying me and i have now stepped over the invisible line into old age. The age i remembered my parents entering. Scary.

5. We are moving. Again. Interesting the people's reactions when we announce we're moving. They get nervous until we tell them we're only moving several miles away and not several continents. Altho i guess that's always a possibility too. We are moving to a smaller house but it has a shop for the boys to build and destroy things along with a loft that we're hoping to remodel into a rec/company overflow room. It's surrounded by 2000+ acres that we'll have access to so the boys are excited about that. We have been so incredibly blessed with the place we're living in right now and are hoping to someday be able to pass those blessings on to others.

6. Emily's almost 15 and in our church that's when you join the youth, which makes me wonder who came up with that hare brained idea. I wasn't fit to be in the youth when i was 17, much less 15 altho i'm happy to report that Emily seems to have a bit more maturity than her mother did at that age. Still, 15? Really? So she'll be going to some youth things but not necessarily all youth things because we still like our youth to hang out with their fuddy duddy parents. After all, i didn't go through the agony of childbirth, the torture of potty training, the hair clutching of math lessons and the horror of stomach bugs to hand them over to a bunch of pimply youth and a youth leader, no matter how godly they may be. Fortunately, they seem to actually like their parents and often prefer to stay home. Which brings me to another point. Marlin actually gives them the option of deciding things that i wasn't allowed to decide till i was like married. But then i wasn't known for making real wise decisions as a young person. Shall we leave it at that?

7. Altho i wasn't known for making wise decisions as a youth, i have now matured enough that i'm able to run our store so Marlin can go do male things with his boys. Like fishing and hunkering over a fire while shivering. While they were being all manly, Emily and i and baby Christopher kept the store running smoothly. Just like clockwork. I did forget to charge a man for his grill pellets after he bought a grill but i figured i canceled that out by selling a $550 grill in the first place. I'm hoping the man is honest enough to come back and pay up. I also had trash floating behind our truck as we roared away from the dumpster on the way home from the store. I saw flashing lights up ahead and remembering the fines for littering, i ever so kindly slowed down to allow the law to drive ahead of me instead of behind. Besides, i like to make our truck rumble and it's not such a good idea to rumble trucks in front of an officer. I like even more when it's my man making that truck rumble. Puts a gleam in my eye. But the truck is more truck than we really need so altho he bought it for a good deal, we're selling it. Shoot.

Speaking of trucks, i do believe i hear it rumbling in our drive which means big daddy Weav is home from mens meeting. Yippee! See ya'll later.


  1. Life continues to roll, eh? Always better with bits and pieces of chocolate interspersed with caffeinated beverages and stolen moments basking in the sunshine, for sure!

    Nice to hear from you!!

  2. so glad to hear from you again. Blessings as you prepare to move and keep teaching your little or not so little huligans. Busy life here. Averaging company once or twice a week it seems. Bible study today. Debating the wisdom of taking our coughing crew but so hard to know sometimes. School picnic this Friday already. Love, Jan


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