07 October, 2016

Guess What?

 It's official..........

There's another Baby Weaver on the way!!!

Yup, that pregnancy test that i took a while ago was wrong. It lied and i was air headed enough to post about it and then repented afterwards but it was too late. Except that i decided that it wasn't too late and i deleted it. 

I watched our older children's faces when we told them. In today's world and even, sadly, in our Anabaptist culture, a mom of 40 who's expecting a child is someone to be slightly embarrassed of if your'e a teenager. I needn't have worried. There was great rejoicing and i'm being spoiled rotten ever since. Big Daddy brings me home special treats and I'm watched carefully by the older kids for fear a wrong movement might endanger the new member. It's the life, albeit an exhausting and alarmingly fattening one.

Baby punkin is due around the middle of May, making me 9 weeks. You can send me congratulations in the form of homemade pies and donuts. Specifically cream filled homemade donuts.

On the other hand, better just wish me well and leave it at that. I'm already having a problem shutting some of my shirts and my self control is having issues. I know, who would've thought........


  1. Wishing you WELL, WELL, WELL!!
    So glad for the new life growing within you, so glad for the excitement surrounding it, so glad for your beauty and willingness, YAY!
    And I'd cook and send you donuts, but I don't think they would make it to you... (and I'm not pregnant!)

  2. How EXCITING!! You may as well have as many babies as you can!! Blessings, Jane

  3. Congratulations! Your children will have so much fun anticipating this baby :) Many blessings to you, Mamma!

  4. With a title like that, who couldn't guess?? Lol! Or maybe it is just me who always has baby on the brain:). CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is so exciting welcoming a new life. Being 40 and pregnant has its privileges too:)... especially with older children to cook for you! Yikes! Writing that 40 part always makes me a double take! My older kids all figured out I was pregnant before I knew!!! They love babies😍. Enjoy all the spoiling!!!😀

  5. Congratulations, Darla. I love it!! I was 43 when our last baby WA sworn and my kids were absolutely thrilled as well. Now my kids (even my boys) stalk the new babies at church. Such a heritage to grow up around babies!!


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