09 December, 2016

Supper Panic

  You know how it is. It's time to get supper cooking and nothing comes to mind.


  A small feeling of panic swirls because if i don't figure something out that means 11 people won't be eating. 11 hungry people are no joke. I'm not one of those super organized people who have a menu figured out every week. I used to be a lot more organized and then.....not sure what happened. I love weekly menus but i never think of it until the panic happens. I'm also not one of those that has simple meal ingredients always on hand for emergencies. Again, just not that good. It's not all my fault because i have a fantastic cook for a husband and if surprise company is on their way, he can always come up with something. And then there was that time that we served company pizza from a pizza shop and they didn't come.......and didn't come.......2 hours past supper they showed up while the pizza rested in the oven. Chewing that pizza was an experience i never, never want to repeat.

  So what to do when you HAVE to come up with something NOW?

  It's simple, really. So simple that it's too easy.


 No, not being sacrilegious because i have done it many, many times and it has never failed me. If you're being deliberately lazy and slothful it might not because God doesn't reward losers, but if you're a busy mama with a good heart but not such good planning skills, He hears.

  Normally i do have a plan for supper by midmorning and the meat is thawing, but some times like today my plan flushes down the drain. I was planning on making this butternut squash, quinoa casserole with a bit of chicken breast in it (sounds nasty but i promise the picture looked amazing) and then i get a call from my very handsome husband who informed me that they will need a ride home from work. The mechanic working on our van ended up in hospital and it won't be finished til tomorrow morning. I don't know why he needed the hospital unless he happened to take a look inside the van. My meal plan wouldn't work because it needed me to be here most of the time and, well, i was't going to be here. I had just woke up from my nap and felt like a groggy smurf, but i sat down with my cookbook and started paging while sipping coffee to give me a wake up jolt. While i paged i asked the Lord to please show me what to make.

  He did, within minutes. Instead of butternut squash and quinoa we're having chicken and rice made with cream and chicken broth. The broth mixture tasted fantastic before i slid it in oven and there's the irony of it. Not only has He ALWAYS answered, it's always something yummy. He often doesn't even use a cookbook but something will pop into my head and i'll be like, "thank you, Lord!!!"

  I'm telling you, having Him involved in every area of your life is unbelievable. Here's the God of the universe giving me inspiration for what to feed 11 people out of the 6 billion or so people populating this earth. He cares.

  If He cares about supper and has got my back, then how dare i worry about our future? Which is changing but i'll share that at a later date. Sorry, but i need to get ready to go pick up my fine, fine specimen of a man and teenagers.

  Trust Him. I dare you.


  1. Yes. Thus happens at my house -- God cares about my suppers too!:)

  2. Totally love this! SO many 'common' things like this I have taken to him in prayer and He has shown me the way to go.

    Blessings, my friend,

  3. yes! This! I love it! and I love that I'm not the only one this happens to. Just a short bit ago I was thinking of what to have for lunch and supper. I have potatoes boiling..opened up the cookbook and right there, it was like God saying, here's an easy recipe to use and its something different, simple, and takes stuff you have on hand (like a potatoe, meat, cheesy casserole!) Yes! Thank you, God ! We can make that on ahead for supper so it just needs heating when we get back from our afternoon revival meetings (if we want anything more after noyo at church and before icecream and stuff at Mark's farewell tonight) and the extra potatoes will go in soup for lunch. And, you can say a prayer for me as I'm super sad to see MaryEllen leave. Makes me want to weep right now! Anyway, take care. Love ya

    1. We were fortunate that we left before the mass exodus of missionaries that we had worked with. :) I think that would be hard and I'm sure you'll miss MaryEllen! She's a real sweet lady.
      Hugs! Darla

  4. So encouraging to find out I'm " normal"!(:

  5. "Here's the God of the universe giving me inspiration for what to feed 11 people out of the 6 billion or so people populating this earth. He cares. If He cares about supper and has got my back, then how dare i worry about our future?"

    Thank you for taking time to write, God knew I needed to hear this... the reminder that He cares about what's on my heart, as well as the other 6 billion people! Blessings! - Bertha N.

  6. the first two times I read the title I saw: "Super Panic" and thought yah, super panic is what I seem to find myself in quite a bit lately! We have a baby lamby in the house, its cold outside, I've let homeschooling slide by during the holidays, I hate grocery shopping so supper is a drag.... then I saw that the post was about SUPPER and I STILL thought it said "SUPER Panic" because, sheesh! When life is happening ALL AROUND YOU and you AGAIN forget that people need to eat then, yah! That calls for Super Panic!

    Now I know that your post says Supper Panic. Maybe I need to write one that says "Super Supper Panic". Or maybe I just need to go to bed instead of waiting for the 11:00 baby lamby feeding! (It goes a lot quicker than nursing human babies)

  7. i hate the "super supper panic" that happens. ;) good luck with that lamb. that would cause me more panic than any supper plans.



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