11 December, 2008

What is "real" school? Books or life skills, such as hunting, butchering.........you know, "fun" stuff like that. My boys would tell you without a question what they feel is most important. They are even now headed for the great outdoors, bb gun in hand, to provide the family with the rare delicacy of squirrel. I've debated praying that all the squirrels would scatter but decided it's more important to allow my little boys to learn the ways of men. I'll be honest. I hate squirrel. I don't remember the taste, i remember picking out shot from the squirrels my brothers killed years ago. Squirrel just doesn't compare to a nice beef roast.........however, if my boys manage to kill one, i will be their biggest fan, bragging to everyone what fine hunters my sons are. And i will mean it. And i will also make a biology lesson out of the butchering. I see myself losing a lot of weight in the future..............

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