18 December, 2008

I'm posting a soaked pancake recipe today that our family loves. To read about the benefits of soaking your grains before using them, read this. http://westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/be_kind.html

I don't always soak my grains, sometimes i forget and sometimes i plain down don't take the time. This pancake recipe i usually start the night before and finish the next morning. I actually don't like making regular pancakes anymore as i find this recipe to be easier and i love the fact that i can use grains other than wheat. Too much wheat use can cause your body to develop allergies against it, so it's a good idea to vary your grains. Again, i'm far from perfect in this area, i've still got much to learn.

I've decided to post the link to the recipe as it has pictures and it's so much easier than me typing it all out. http://www.suegregg.com/recipes/breakfasts/blenderbatterwaffles/blenderbatterwafflesA.htm

This is WONDERFUL topped with raw whipped cream, sweetened with real maple syrup or stevia and finished off with fresh or partly thawed frozen blueberries. As my fine man would say, "come to papa!"

Now for those of you who don't want to pay the shekels for real maple syrup, here's a recipe for homemade that we also like.

Homemade pancake syrup
1 cup brown rice syrup (you will find it at a health food store)
1 cup sucanat or rapadura
1 cup water
Heat brown rice syrup, rapadura and water in saucepan. Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup butter, preferably raw. (we're on a budget, raw doesn't fit in it, but whatever you do, DONT USE MARGARINE!!! God had nothing to do with margarine, scientists did. I'll trust God any day.) May substitute maple sugar in place of sucanat.
Enjoy, but remember, if you're fighting blood sugar issues, save this for a treat. Even healthy sweeteners will raise blood sugars, except for stevia. Loading it with raw whipped cream will help, as the fat will coat the carbs and help your body to digest it slower without causing such a spike of blood sugars in your body. And no, real, high quality fat does NOT make you fat. But that's another whole post.

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