09 February, 2009

I love older moms who have homeschooled their children through high school. I always latch onto them and start asking for advice. The mothers who laugh a little and say that they're glad they're done.......... i just smile and say no more. (actually, i don't think i ever met a mom who said that because most gave it up long before graduation if that's how they felt). I'm looking for the mothers who have that shine in their eyes when they talk about homeschooling , who tell me that it's 100% worth the effort and sacrifice. The mothers who tell me that they would do it all over again and that they were sad when the kids were through school. The kind that bring your kids books that they picked up at the thrift store because they still have that homeschooling heart.

I met a mother like that last night. They are an older couple who we met not to long ago through mutual friends and we realized we live only several miles apart. They came for supper last night and when they walked in the door i noticed she was carrying a bag of books. She became my children's new hero. She poured blessing into my life, a breath of fresh air, hope that i CAN do this homeschooling adventure that God has put me in. She shared with me before they left that it's her heart to encourage young mothers and i can't help but wonder what our world would be like if more older women would do that. Women who have grabbed ahold of the vision of the beautiful calling of motherhood, who see it through His eyes, and then pass that on to the younger generation. I want to be that kind of woman.


  1. oh that is beautiful! I want to be that kind of mother some day too =)

    what a blessing ladies like that are!

  2. Encouragement...you can do it. The Lord will give you the strength and the knowledge for homeschooling through highschool when you need it. Daily if necessary! Homeschooling through highschool is such a blessing and learning experience for me (hopefully for my kids too)! I've done it twice and am on the 3rd child, she will graduate next year. 2 more after her. I may actually know and understand algebra by the time this journey is finished, but I am not holding my breath! Have fun, enjoy your children, learn and play together. They grow up way too soon!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Donna! You sound like the kind of person i'd like to meet.:)

    And thanks for the comments, friends. I always love reading them.


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