06 February, 2009

There are so many blog posts rambling around my brain. So many things that i would love to write about but can only write when the time is right. I've also come to realize that this blog should and shall, by the grace of God, exist for only as long as He wishes and i want to put on only what He lays on my heart to write. My ever so wise man reminds me that the whole world can read this blog so i need to use caution, something i'm not exactly good at. I get passionate about something and i blurt. At least with a blog, i can erase. I've learned the hard way i can't do the same with words. Do you have any idea how hard it is to shut my mouth in a situation where i have STRONG opinions but yet the Holy Spirit tells me to zip it? My mother used to warn me that my mouth would get me in trouble and while it sometimes put a little fear in my heart, it didn't last long. I'm now seeing a carbon copy of myself in a certain beautiful 7 yr. old daughter. My heart, however, is to teach her the power of holding her tongue and that the power only comes from one source. I don't want her to have to learn these hard lessons when she's as old as i am. Sigh, God is using her in my life to expose my own blabbering tendencies so i guess you could say we're learning together. When her emotions get all in a tangle and she starts "letting her opinions be known," i realize she is simply a mirror of myself, without the self control of an adult. I may not be slamming doors shut (does closing the door extra hard count?) or yelling but i'm certainly doing that in my heart. God has proven to have great mercy on the women in the
ManyWeaver household. Marlin also feels He has shown great mercy in giving us 5 sons instead of 5 daughters. :)

I love history. I don't teach history in my house out of boring textbooks. Nope, i like to get books from the library and read with great expression to the children. We talk about them, discuss why people acted the way they did and how God would want His people to act in those situations. We act out history. I want my children to have a great curiousity about life and to think outside the box. To have a great imagination that doesn't need all the latest toys, videos and games to have fun. I know i'm on the right path when i look out and see a small wagon with lawn chairs on top, covered with blankets, a "horse" pulling the wagon, a small child in interesting attire riding the wagon and an even smaller child crawling behind the wagon. Of course there's a bb gun along with the "man" in case of wild game or indians. Don't worry, they don't kill indians, just shoot in the air to scare them away. How good is your imagination? Have you figured out what they're playing? In case your imagination has been dulled by age or too much computer........... Laura and Mary. The small child crawling behind the wagon? Jack, the bulldog. They live in colonial days and are riding across the great prairie. Just as quickly they change from Laura and Mary to being missionaries to the indians. Ahhhh............i just love childhood, the innocence, the trust and the pure joy of imagination. Ruin all that with a bunch of boring history workbooks? I don't think so.

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