26 March, 2009

I've been lazy lately with this blog. I get a post started and then erase. I think of posts while tossing and turning at night, trying to sleep, but by morning i have less than no desire to write it. I'll blame it on pregnancy hormones and brain cells being used for the upcoming baby.

Last night i mentioned that i need to make some bread but was obviously feeling less than inspired. Marlin told me that it's high time for the older children to learn how to make bread. I felt like arguing that it takes more energy to teach them how than to do it myself but i knew that would make a poor argument. So today Eric helped me make bread. I even took pictures, intending to put them on my blog, but due to our pathetic camera, i won't bother. I'm starting to like the idea of telling one of the children to bake up a batch of bread...........

I treated my sweet tooth tonight and i less than enjoyed it. All those peanut butter eggs that are out for Easter right now, just begging to be put in my mouth. So what do i do? Buy the really good homemade ones? Nope, too cheap for that. I buy the really cheap commercial ones. Disgusting old things. I had a couple of the kids with me or i would've put them back but they were SO excited that i didn't have the heart to. Marlin was annoyed, telling me that if i was going to sin, at least make it worthwhile. I was annoyed that i wasted $2 on sugar that wasn't even good. Sometimes it's not worth it to be cheap. Trust me.

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