30 March, 2009

Jeans, jeans and more jeans

One wash line, 6 males and 19 pairs of jeans!! How, i kept asking myself as i hung them out, how in the world did 1 big man and 5 little men manage to go through 19 pairs of jeans since Friday? I haven't bothered counting the shirts and underwear that went along with the jeans. The never ending cycle of laundry just goes on and on, but i'm not complaining, i'm just thankful for every jean covered leg that roars through this house on a daily basis. Jeans don't need ironing and THAT is a blessing worth counting.

The twins are walking all over the place and it has too be the cutest thing i've ever seen. Caleb walked at first like a little old man losing his mind along with his balance. We just sat there and laughed at him and he would offer us a toothy grin back. Oh, they are at the cutest stage, digging into everything and getting into things simply because their are 2 of them. We just can't get enough of squeezing them and kissing their fat little cheeks. They, of course, are happy to be loved on unless they see a potential play object, and then they are off and toddling away. Some friends were here yesterday and their little 7 month old baby girl was a source of interest to the twins. They watched with great fascination as she sucked on her pacifier and then promptly removed it and tried it for themselves. Mmm, yummy and squishy, just like her little chubby arms and legs. One of the "bugs" put his face right up to hers and to his amazement she bonked him on the face with her hands. She thought it was a great game and he learned to keep his face away. This could get interesting with a new baby come winter.

It's hard to believe i'm almost 2 1/2 months pregnant already. I have a feeling this summer is going to fly by in a flash and to be honest, i'm ok with that. I'm already looking forward to a new school year and new books. I think i might have an addiction to books but in a good way. I can stop anytime i want to. Seriously.

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