09 April, 2009

A healthy craving. :)

Since the only kind of craving i've been writing about has been chocolate, i feel the need to redeem myself a bit. I do have another craving that has shown up, just this week. And this time it's a healthy one. Orange milk. You heard me right. Luscious, foamy, ice cold orange milk. A bit like an orange julius but without the high sugar content and without the orange juice. I personally have a hard time downing a glass of plain milk, unless i'm eating a warm chocolate filled cookie with it. Oops, forget i mentioned chocolate. Let's just make that a warm cookie. You know what? I'll take a cold cookie too. Ok, ok, let's get on with the orange milk. Of course, this originates with my husband. Did i ever mention he has a gift with food? It'll be interesting to see where that takes us in the future. Ooops, off subject again. So here's how you make orange milk. Because my man doesn't follow directions, you'll have to excuse the lack of measurements and just flow with it.

Several cups of milk in a blender. If all you have is pasteurized milk, throw it out and go drink a cup of tea. You'll be better off for it. Back to the orange milk. Along with the milk, throw in a handful of ice cubes, maybe 4 or 5. You then crack a couple of raw PASTURE GRAZED eggs from happy bug eating chickens, (i would never eat raw store bought eggs)into the milk. You can use just the yolks or, if you want lots of foam, use the whole egg. A couple drops of stevia, or some other kind of sweetener like honey, and to finish it off you need orange flavoring. We use orange flavoring from Frontier. Excellent company, high quality products. The only ingredients in it are organic sunflower oil (had to throw organic in there, makes me feel important)and organic, of course, orange oil. Ahem..........now to finish our orange milk. You turn the blender on high until everything is well blended and there's a head of foam on it. You turn it off, pour it into a tall glass and serve it to your patiently waiting wife on the couch. She will tell you that you are the finest, awesomest guy she knows and will drink it down in 10 seconds flat. The rest you feed to the kids, who are hanging over the sides of their beds upstairs, wondering why the blender is running late at night. They will get slightly orange milk mustaches and will agree that their daddy rocks and they have the best life ever. Eric even goes so far as to promise me he will get up early to do school if i make him orange milk. As you can tell, we're just one big happy weird family.


  1. ryc:

    I wouldn’t matter how much or how little time I had available… it’s a mind boredom. a feeling of wanting “more” but not knowing what. discontentment. that’s more of what I mean. My day is plenty busy right now… and it’s only going to get busier. it’s an inner thing if that makes sense.

    (but that doesn’t mean I think it’s wrong to do fun things! or be spontaneous or what have you… like I said, it’s an inner thing, not an outward thing)


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