05 August, 2009

Healthy and cheap hair conditioner

We have some very hard water at this house and it makes for some frizzy nasty hair. Eric asked me the other day why his hair feels stiff after washing it instead of soft. It turns out that the water softener isn't working here and even if it was, it's not made to handle the amount of water we go through. So i did some research on vinegar rinses on hair, since i have used it before but missed the yummy smell of commercial conditioner. But even commercial conditioner doesn't work the best so to the computer i went and voila! i found a recipe that leaves my hair soft and healthy. Unfortunately it doesn't leave it smelling delicious enough to eat, but right now i just want hair without 50 million frizzes everywhere. The best part is that while it's extremely healthy for your hair, it's also very inexpensive to make and that's almost as important as healthy in my book. So here's what i used.

2 T cider vinegar
herbs of choice (i used a handful of dried nettles for dry scalp, you can use sage to darken gray hair, chamomile to lighten blond and the list goes on....)
about 2 cups boiling water

Bring water to boil in small saucepan. Add herbs and vinegar, cover and allow to steep for at least 15 minutes. (take pan off heat)If you want a stronger infusion, add more herbs, cover and simmer on stove for 15 minutes. Turn heat off and allow to steep for 30 minutes.
Allow infusion to cool. Strain and use the same day or refrigerate for later use. You can also use some essential oils to make it smell good, just be sure not to get in eyes. (if you actually needed me to tell you that i would encourage you to not play with essential oils at all :)
Rinse with fresh water, or for extra conditioning benefits leave it in and towel dry. The vinegar scent will disappear as your hair dries, unless you have super smelling powers like certain people i know. Ahem......then i can't guarantee the lack of smell.

I was extremely pleased with how this left my hair, soft and frizz free. Or at least i had only 20 million frizzes instead of 50, and i didn't have to shell out some precious money to pay for something you flush down the drain. Speaking of which, anyone know of something to use besides toilet paper? Just kidding, just kidding.....


  1. Here is an idea:

    Keep a quart of ACV on the counter with 1/4 - 1/2 cup of you favorite hair herbs. let them infuse for a couple of weeks. Then, you can keep that herby ACV in your shower along with a different container in which to mix ~ 2 Tbs of your herby ACV + water from the shower spout. While you are using your first batch of herby ACV, your next batch can be infusing!

    Clear as mud?

    (Hey! If you use basil and oregano, you can smell like salad dressing... especially if you use Olive Oil for lotion, hehe!)

  2. Hey there, i have to tell you i really enjoy reading your posts... Sounds like Jess had a good "reaquainting" time with Marlin last night. We'll have to get togather sometime. Hope your having a good evening!

  3. Licia, that's a great idea! I should've know you would be one step ahead of me. :)

    Hi Carol, i know Marlin was happy to see Jess too. Btw, i love shopping at Pallet Grocery, it's so clean and neat and better yet, we're supporting friends! Marlin and i were talking about how we need to have you'all over sometime. Sounds like fun.........


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