19 December, 2009

Let it snow..............

We're on the christmas countdown. And it's snowing. What more could a person wish for on christmas week. A clean house? More cookies? 30 less pounds? Nah, i'll settle for snow, which makes happy children and a happy father around here. They were already out in the snow, finding empty parking lots and making donuts. Just because you drive a 12 passenger van doesn't mean you can't have fun. 6 screaming children in the back just adds to the excitement. I stayed home, eating christmas cookies and waiting for a christmas miracle to clean up my kitchen. The miracle didn't happen and the cookies disappeared, which means i've got my priorities a bit messed up.

We are also on our little family countdown towards the big day. I made up a red and green christmas chain, and every day one of the children opens a link. Last night we drove around looking at christmas lights while the kids sucked on diabetes causing candy canes. Tonight it's a (moonlit, hah!) walk in the snow with mom and dad, and if i know my husband, i had better dress warm cause i have a feeling there will be more than one snowball fight. And i lose every time. It's the kind of loser i enjoy being. ;) A few of the other things on the chain are making 3-d snowflakes, building marshmallow snowmen, and eating supper by candlelight.

I'm excited about christmas this year. More than usual. I'm not sure why except that the kids are older and i'm in the mood to simply enjoy it. Sunday evening we're supposed to be christmas caroling and then back to our house for hot chocolate and cookies, but the way the snow is coming i have a feeling we might end up caroling to ourselves. We already have 6-7 inches and it shows no sign of letting up. I see a dangerous glint in my man's eyes as he "casually" mentions snowmobiles. Wonder if he'd settle for a toboggan.........or a movie about snowmobiles.

Josh is begging for a story and i have work calling my name. Enjoy your weekend and by all means, ENJOY THE SNOW!!!!!

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  1. we're baking cookies over here. the kids have been out for a while but the littles are in bed right now. can I be honest? don't tell me kids, but as pretty as snow is (and it is!) I HATE going out in it. I hate the cold. ugggh yuck. but shhhh, it's our secret ;)

    but that's ok b/c I"m happy too see it from my window while I'm baking. I guess we all appreciate nature in out own ways, right?

    have fun on that walk! can't wait to see you all again!


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