22 December, 2009

Mr. President, i've got news for you

Mr. President, you might think your job is important, affecting millions of people, changing lives. Your house is the richest in the nation, full of treasures and history. Your state dinners are filled with important people, (including people who weren't invited)and your food is like no other. Well, just for your information, you've got nothing on me. My job's importance far exceeds yours, for when these 7 young squirts are grown, they're going to change the world. No, actually, the person who they follow (or will follow) has already changed the world. As you rush from meeting to meeting, your rushing will have far less greater impact on the future of the world than the highly emotional energy packed meetings that i have with my children. It's called training and if done in the right manner and in the power of the Holy Spirit, it will have an impact on the world like no other. It teaches them self discipline and the cause and effect of consequences and prepares them for radical discipleship. Your food tastes nothing like the food that's been created by small, hopefully clean hands. Your treasures don't compare to the the treasures my children create. The small marshmallow snowmen, standing on very shaky marshmallow bottoms, the nativity scene created out of edible playdoh by a 10 year old and the letters given to mom and dad full of love and misspelled words. Your emergencies, while important, are no less important than the towel smoking in the oven, placed there by a 2 year old who was "cooking." Or the child hanging off the edge of the counter, the stool having been pushed away by yet another child. And all the adoration and "worship" you receive? I'll take the hug from a child, who tells me that i'm are the best mom ever and that he misses me when i'm gone. That's a miracle that never stops taking my breath away. That these children, who see me at my worst, still adore me. Whose eyes light up across the row of chairs at church as they meet mine. I don't deserve my life, this love, and sometimes when i don't think i can handle another minute of intensity, i stop and remember of how my life is changing the world.


  1. wow! quite a fire under you today, my friend!! love it!


  2. Good "perspective reminder." Now, can you post pictures of your marshmallow snowmen? Do they have coats of chocolate? Graham Cracker sleds?

    You're a good mama!

  3. Amen! Thanks for the pep rally for all us moms!

  4. Wow...that was good!! :)

  5. You know, it's ironic. I wrote this post and i meant every word. I then went on to have a really, really bad day. Such is life........



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