03 December, 2009

While my last post was written in seriousness, (with a bit of sarcastic humor)it's true that as mothers we're hard on ourselves. We should be BETTER mothers, BETTER wives, BETTER homeschoolers, BETTER christians, on and on we go, heaping condemnation on ourselves or as Marlin tells me when i inform him of all my shortcomings, "you sure love listening to the devil and his lies, don't you." Gulp, he has a point. He always does. It's hard to focus on the wonder of salvation, or my freedom in Christ when i'm consumed with myself. So for today, i'm laying down my selfishness and self focus and i will make a choice to worship, whether i feel worthy or not. I'm also going to take a nap. A bit of advice to mothers with little nursing babies. Stay away from bean soup. You'll regret eating it when at 2 am your little man is squirming and setting off little firecrackers in his pamper. :)


  1. Maybe Jacob is wanting to celebrate the 4th of July a little early? Hope you have a blast of a day. :)

  2. Was that holiday bean soup?? SORRY!:)

  3. Lol, yes it was and the soup was delicious! Jacob didn't cry, he just squirmed, grunted and passed some serious gas. Now i know to save the rest for later. And in spite of his eyes being wide open at 2:00, he was still absolutely adorable. After a final loud "firecracker" he settled and went back to sleep. :)


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