10 February, 2010

Chicken? Live or Dead?

A naked chicken. A naked, dead chicken. A big butcher knife and an even bigger butcher block. I was ready. A deep breath, much hacking, and i had just dissected a whole chicken into chicken pieces for supper. WHO'S YOUR MAMA!!!!!!! (that's for you Rex and Billie)
I have always hated touching raw chicken. Slimy, slippery and a little stinky. That was before i handled pastured chickens. No slime, no slipperiness, and no stink and i discovered i actually kind of like hacking away with a big knife. Makes me feel tough. Watch out chickens, one of these days i will be grabbing you LIVE and butchering with relish. All i need is a bunch of grass to raise my own chickens, a little know-how, and i will reign supreme as a chicken killing Anabaptist. Something troubling about that picture.


  1. Something troubling about the whole post if you ask me! Have you been taking your medicine lately?? You and I both know that this happens when you slip and forget. I will be praying for you...and I will be keeping a watchful eye on my chickens. They know who their Mama is!!!! :)

  2. My Mama's name is Linda Sue Blevins, thank you very much.

  3. When you get your chicken coop and chickens,order double...please??:)(Just don't tell Jess,and lets have the coop look like a...playhouse or something, so the neighbors won't know we're violating development code.LOL

  4. baaaallllk balkbalk balk baaaalllllkkk how could you, Darla!

  5. Hi there Darla!! Loooooooong time since I've heard about what's going on in your life and since we emailed each other briefly (after you had moved to L. County and went to home church with Joyful Mama?).
    I am happy to know that you are blogging (cuz I looooove to blog too) and that you are still living the NT life. And that you've had more babies - what a proud mama cuz they are beautiful!! But sad to have heard that you've moved again...
    Would love to keep in touch and encourage each other as we raise our families while learning to let our dairy 'curdle' and learning to touch raw chicken - lol! I just started doing the GAPS diet and so is Kelly (she is suuuuuch a dear heart!) and we are loving it!
    Anyway, glad you've conquered the raw bird and hope you are thriving in God's path for you and your family!
    Andrea Calkins


  6. Hi Andrea, my goodness, i've been racking my brain, trying to remember when we emailed each other. Too many babies and too many moves later, my brain was scrambling to remember. Anyway, it's great to hear from you and i'm excited to check out your blog.


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