31 October, 2010

A good day.........

Today i talked with a mother of 13, who homeschools AND works morning and evening in the family's veal barn...........i was blessed.

Today i met a radiant young woman wearing a beautiful, Jewish head scarf, whose face glowed, someone who came to those convictions through the work of the Holy Spirit and who stepped out in radical obedience.........i was blessed.

Today i went to climb into the van to leave church, and couldn't. There were 2 casserole dishes sitting on my seat, given by a very busy mama who wanted to bless me. I KNOW how busy she is and i KNOW the time she spent making that food could've been spent doing something for herself.......i was blessed.

And today i cried on the way home from church, once again searching my heart, crying out to God to give me the extra strength to continue giving......and to continue trusting. I wondered if we had heard God wrong, if we tried to "fix" a situation that wasn't ours to fix. Wondering why everything seems to be going wrong farm wise that possibly could, and if somehow, through all the prayers and tears, we misread God's heart for us. Of how much easier it would've been to stay in our debt free comfort zone. Marlin listened, saying little, but i knew, looking across the van at the man i love, that he cared. We drove in silence while I dried the tears and then i heard His voice. The one that had seemed silent the last several days. The voice that makes my heart leap. Deep in the recesses of my heart..."Did i ever promise that following my will would be easy?" And following that voice, my heart filled with His glorious joy, knowing that nothing can separate me from the His love. Following God with reckless abandon is never easy........but it's the only way i want to live.


  1. Oh, Darla! My heart burst with thankfulness that I know you and that I've been allowed to have a little window into your life. "Why," you ask? "Why, with all the heartache and struggle?" Because it is beautiful... your walk of faith is beautiful. Not because you are perfect and all is a mountaintop experience, but because you walk in the light, admitting your weakness - not just to your Lord, but to others. In so doing, you allow me to fellowship with you over all these miles - I can pray for you, cry for you, and smile as I see dawn breaking in your life over and over again. "Though weeping endure for the night, joy comes in the morning." (somewhere in Psalms)

    Loving and missing you across all these miles...

  2. Oh! And I just remembered one of my favorite quotes... though I can't remember the source:

    Don't doubt in the darkness that which God has told you in the light.

  3. Licia, thank you. Thank you for fellowshipping with me and being that friend who walks in the light alongside of me........

    Love, Darla

  4. Keep Looking up, my friend! God is always there and cares about the smallest and biggest things that are going on in our lives! Hope your week goes well for you! Love you, Jewel


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