02 November, 2010

Sour Cream

So you want to make your own sour cream, aye? O, you didn't know that? That's ok, i'm here to tell you that you want to make your own. Especially when you read the list of ingredients that are on the back of the average container of sour cream. I have been shocked....i mean, how many ingredients does it take to make sour cream? Well, it takes exactly two, and you don't even need a powdered culture from a specialty store, just two things from the grocery store (or homemade if you have a few cows lying around) and a few sophisticated pieces of ingredients. A bowl, some wash pins and a fuzz free cloth, such as an old clean t-shirt. Hey, in redneck country you learn to make do with what you have. Wally world is just too far away and all those electronic devices and people make hillbillies nervous. (Excuse me while i spit.......we had a spitting contest outside today and i almost hit Marlin's muck boots. Makes his heart feel fuzzy when i do stuff like that...happy to oblige)

So here's what you do. You may want to write this down so you don't forget. You take one cup of yogurt and one cup of buttermilk. Are you ready for this? You mix it together, take your cut up old (preferably a clean one if you have it) t-shirt, lay it over a bowl, pin it securely with your washpins and here's the hard part. You carefully pour your yogurt and buttermilk mixture into the t-shirt and let it sit overnight to let the whey drain out and voila! you've got sour cream. Yup, tastes just like the real thing. Things like that make me real happy, which makes for more saliva, which means i may yet beat my men at spitting contests.


  1. Are you serious?? What type of yogurt? Plain?? Or can you tell me how to make that as well? I can't wait to hear!!!

  2. Dead serious. Plain yogurt is best, unless you want sweet sour cream. I make my yogurt by the gallon, which still doesn't last long enough.

    ~Yogurt-Heat 1 gallon of milk to 180 degrees, let it then cool back down to 110-120, add 1 1/2 cup of yogurt, stir well, cover and let it incubate for 6 hours or longer. I sometimes put it in the oven with the pilot light on to keep it cozy warm, but not too warm. That's it. You can add sugar and vanilla right after heating if you wish, but i keep mine plain so i can use it in other ways. And i don't know why, but if you don't heat your milk to 180, it won't get as thick. Go figure.......

  3. hey Darla, can you tell me in what ways you use this 'plain' yogurt? Do you add fruit or favoring aka 'sweetener' later for eating? I love the idea of making sour cream!
    btw, I came 'looking' for a new post...last wk. spoiled me w/ more than one...;-)~~Auntie

  4. Well, auntie, if i want it sweetened, i add the sweetener later. Preferably honey or stevia. You can add fruit or eat it Eric's favorite way. Chopped apples on bottom, yogurt next and topped with granola. Food fit for a king.

    And i've been rather brain dead lately.......not enough chocolate in my life.

  5. love fruit n yogurt parfaits but never considered using apples...or unsweetened yogurt...hmmm..first I need to have the granola made which I bought the ing. for last Sat. It's been a 'long' while since last batch & btw mine 'always' gets chocolate in it. (Hint for reviving dead brain)~~Pauline


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