25 October, 2010

We had a good Sunday evening. My parents were gone and we decided to have a simple family evening, eating popcorn and drinking chocolate milk and playing Apples to Apples. The kids just love that game and it's always fun to listen to them argue their points for why we should choose their cards. After food and games, we all sat around the living room while i read them a story of a street child, somewhere in South America, and how she found Jesus in the end. I had read it in the afternoon and it struck a chord deep within my heart and i knew i had to read it to the children. Eric had tears in his eyes by the time i was finished and all he wanted to do was build a gigantic house and start bringing these children in. Emily kept saying what a rich child she is and the twins sucked their thumbs and argued over daddy's lap, while Jacob crawled around, trying to find someone who would let him bite them. You know, that story really made me think. What are we really here for? It's so easy to get caught up in "life" and making a living, but is that all we want for our children? Is that all we want for ourselves? It is our heart that there would be placed deep within our children's souls a deep compassion for the lost, and an urgency to spend themselves for Jesus Christ, whether that's in America, or whether that's in another country. How dare we hold back out of fear, or out of the whole, "we are Americans and don't want either ourselves or our children to suffer" mentality. Or maybe that's not just an American mentality but a human nature mindset. :( Whatever the case, i pray that God would see fit to continue to use me for His kingdom, and right now, that means serving right where i am. I don't need to worry about next year or even tomorrow. It is enough that i pour myself out today.

Onto other things.......for those who are wondering how my father's house is coming along. We are hoping to start painting this week and Lord willing, the kitchen will be installed the first wknd. in November. Hopefully by the end of November they will be enjoying their new home and we will once again be a family. That also means that we will be inviting many friends to come up and enjoy weekends with us, or even just an evening. I am so proud of my dad for how he has been working. Not many 63 year olds would be building their own house by themselves. We had a couple of work days and a few people here and there who helped, and someone else is finishing the drywall, but other than that, he did it alone. It's how he wanted to do it, and he has pushed himself hard, so i think no one will be more excited than him to be finished. Well, i think we'll all be equally excited around here......

And for my friends who blessed me with parmesan cheese? You are the best. ;)

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  1. Your Dad must be related to my Dad! :) He is still working(almost)fulltime at 70!He occasionally takes Mondays off.


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