10 November, 2010

Chicken, weed, and charcoal

And on the menu for supper is........our own free range, heritage, organic chicken. Oolala!!!! It's an awesome feeling to package your own meat, knowing that you had part in it's raising. Or, should i say, the boys did. Every morning and evening they faithfully watered and fed them, birds flocking at their heels. The result? Well, let's just put it this way. The day before they were to die, i looked out at the chickens happily pecking away and i cheerfully said, "peck away chickens, because tomorrow you will be HEADLESS!!!" I turned around to see an 11 year old boy manfully keeping the tears back, his cheeks pink with the effort. Oops, i forgot that children get attached to family pets, even the ones that have a freezer in their future. I apologized and promised to do better. Now, if i only had my own potatoes to put around the chicken, but for now, store bought will have to do.

I have great plans once again for next year's garden, but hopefully, i won't be moving next summer. And since we live in redneck country, my garden can look like a weed haven and no one will care. No Lancaster county style garden for this gal, no way. Just lots of potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, beans and weeds. (no Billie, not THAT kind of weed)

And if you are still looking for things to do right before supper, just let your preschoolers dump your whole container of activated charcoal all over the bathroom. Let them mix it with water and you've got yourself a deliciously black bathroom. Training them to stay out of the bathroom would be another option.

So that's all for this blog post. I'm storing all my other thoughts to share with our church ladies get together Friday evening. :)


  1. Well, well...it is good that you clarified, my dear. With all the "natural" approaches that you take, one never knows what is growing around that place.....

  2. Hey, that's no fair... you can't keep your other thoughts for just your church friends! What about us dear friends out here... :) I hope you have a great evening... sounds like fun! Today is going to be leaf-clean-up day here... the weather is lovely and the children are off school! As always, I enjoyed hearing from you... hope to see you soon! Love, Dawn

  3. Hi Dawn! i've been thinking alot about you for some reason. It's good to hear from you and i can't wait to get together again!! And my church friends would probably be happy to give you a turn with my thoughts. They get them on a regular basis....;)

  4. oh wow! i thought throw up mixed with charcoal was bad ... a whole bathroom tops it:)

  5. Oh, Darla! I've just gotta ask: How did you respond when you found the charcoal? I hate to admit that I probably wouldn't have handled that one very well. :-(

    On the other hand, maybe I would have just shut the door and pretended that I hadn't noticed, all the while impatiently waiting for Andrew to get home.

    But, I did get a good laugh at your expense! Thanks! :-)


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