22 November, 2010


It's Thanksgiving week and my heart is filled to overflowing with thankfulness, right? Not exactly. If i drink enough caffeine it's easy to get a temporary rush of thankfulness, but i want the real thing. The kind that makes me hug my kids and tell them what a blessing they are...the kind that makes me thank God for allowing me to walk through valleys and times of refinement, knowing that it's producing gold in my life. The kind that makes my man laugh, as my joy spills over from a heart that's full. Contagious, energetic, spontaneous........the only way i know how to get that joy is to sit at the feet of Jesus, laying all my burdens down and picking up HIS yoke. And so often thankfulness is a choice.....an act of choosing to be thankful.

So in obedience to that, here's part of my list. I'm thankful for.........

Being born. I could've easy have died before i was born as my mother was on bed rest for 6 months with me, but instead, i get to experience all the emotions, hurts, and ups and downs of being an adult. And because of all that, i get to also experience the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ, the pain of repentance and the joy of a life in Him.

My man....you knew that one was coming didn't you. I don't deserve him and i often marvel at God's mercy in not giving me what i do deserve.

My children......7 beautiful, challenging and life changing human beings in my house. I have never known more incredible small people.

Mice....uh-huh, that's right. Those 12 mice that were living here when we moved have taken much of my fear of small rodents away. And our black semi-house cat is also thankful. Without those mice i would never have left him be a part of our home.

Homeschooling....i am so very thankful for the privilege and opportunity to teach our children. Easy? Definitely not, but worth every minute.

Our church....we have some very special people that we get to worship with every Sunday and we do not take it for granted. Neither do we take for granted the vision of the group and the very intentional way that our pastor shepherds his flock, nor the way his wife has chosen to surrender herself to his/their calling. Thank you Rex and Billie!! You and your family are incredibly special.

Friends.....we have been blessed with SO MANY and such variety. We love it and love each one of you guys!! Even if we don't see some of you very often, you are very much a part of our hearts.

And the list could go on an on and on..........the good, the bad and the mundane. But i have to go make breakfast for some very hungry men and for that i am thankful! :) I wish for each of you a truly thankful heart and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! We sure do have much to be thankful for and so much we take for granted each day! You guys have been a blessing to us and we're very thankful for your friendship! Still looking forward to visiting... :) May you be blessed with a great week and a thankful heart! Love, Dawn

  2. Hi Dawn, We're looking forward to visiting to, hopefully soon!



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