08 January, 2011

Girls Tea Party

Billie, are you watching? Here's your pictures. Well, one picture. I got my camera card reader today and i'm having fun. At least i WILL have fun once i totally know what i'm doing. Anyway, here's a picture of me and my sweetheart of a little girl Emily at a mother/daughter tea that a lady from church hosted. We had a great time and Emily was sad to see it end. Such is life.


  1. Wow! Emily is growing into quite the young lady! Thanx for posting this! Looking forward to even more pics once you get the hang of it!:) We are looking forward to a visit from Rex and Billie and family tomorrow! It has been too long! Have a great weekend, Jewel

  2. YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock, sistah...oops, er, I mean uh, I am SO PROUD OF YOU!

    This is such a good day for me. Just wait until Gracie gets to see this one. I can hear her now..."Mama, Emmy and Dahla, pwitty...Mama, Emmy and Dahla, pwitty"....

    Yup, it is a good start to a wonderful New Year! I won't tell you any of my New Year resolutions. I don't want anyone to know them. That is my New Year's resolution...to NOT tell them. ;)

    OH! Still waiting on the updates of ages. It is amazing none of the kids have aged a bit. I guess that means that neither have you or Marlin. Hmmm.....now, I think that I finally figured out why you don't update the ages! You are so smart! ;)

    Lots of love to my friend that has pictures of my favorite girls on her blog,

    From: Billie the blog-less friend..........

  3. Good job, Darla! What a special day for you and Emily. Wish I could have brought my not-so-little Abigail.

    I'm eagerly awaiting more pictures!


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