19 January, 2011

A New Look.......

Don't panic, i am planning on putting family pictures up, just as soon as we are done blowing snot into tissues and wishing we had servants to give our aching backs an herbal rub. We got SLAMMED with the flu bug and are still trying to recuperate. You know, the "sneezing, aching, i just want to pass out" kind of flu. Jacob, Marlin and i got hit the worst and even as we speak, there is a kettle of white pine needle tea cooling on the stove. You heard right, white pine needle tea, made with pine needles and hot water. Hey, it's free, who's complaining. Actually, i vaguely remembered hearing about it so i did some research and lo and behold, if you are starving you could actually live for a while on pine needle tea. Like a whole 10 minutes more. Ha! No, seriously, it's very nutritious and if you send me $15 I'll send you your own personal baggie of organic pine needles.  It's full of......are you ready for this? Pine oil! and it will give your insides a good scrubbing, making your intestines smell like bathroom cleaner. IN ALL SERIOUSNESS (I've been penned in this house with some VERY GROUCHY people and am desperate for something to laugh at, so HUMOR ME!) it is very high in vitamin C and will cure scurvy, along with sinus congestion, which is the reason we're taking it. Unless we actually have scurvy and aren't aware of it, in which case we'll be in good shape. ...........

So i 'm thankful for many things in my life right now, one being pine trees and the other? My dishwasher!! Friends came down last week and spent several days working in our kitchen. The men hacked cabinets, rearranged various things and when the dust settled? I had myself a wonderful dishwasher, among other things, and let me tell you, I am SO thankful. It has literally cut my cleaning up time in the kitchen to about half, and that's enough to make this Anabaptist girl get down right charismatic. So now i am anxious to start painting some walls, at least i would be if i had any energy and didn't spend half my day hovering over the tissue box. O well, this too shall pass. And while the men were slaving, the women around here drank gallons of tea and talked. And talked...... and talked. I couldn't figure out why my jaw muscles had a slight ache until i realized that my yap was open more than it was shut. I know, i was shocked to. In spite of the fact that we gave them the gift of the stomach bug and we received the honor of fever and mucus, we had a wonderful time and i was once again thoroughly challenged and inspired by these friends that God has blessed us with. I'd tell you their names but they might not like it, right Licia? ;)

And it is now time for this congestion laden woman to head too bed. I'm sorry, no pictures tonight. My brain is too full of important things........like goop. 


  1. Hello Pauline,
    I do understand your frustration. However because this is a non blog issue, I did delete your comments. I do hope you find some resolution.

  2. I feel the love....(??) ~Pauline


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