04 January, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Have you made one? If not, then you're just like me. To be honest, i always thought New Years resolutions were kind of lame. I mean, if you make a New Year's resolution that you haven't been able to keep without a New Year, what's the chances that it'll happen in the New Year? So as for me and my house, if we don't make New Year resolutions we won't have to worry about not keeping them. Just the kind of inspiration you were looking for, right?

There is one resolution that a certain friend would like me to keep. Updated pictures and more of them on my blog. Soooo, since i love this person so much, i went to my very handsome, gentle, kind and utterly unconcerned husband and pleaded for help, so as not to offend my friend. My handsome, gentle, kind and utterly unconcerned husband said IF i remind him to order certain parts for the camera, he MIGHT teach me how download pictures with ease. How well he knows me. I have yet to remind him, since my small brain has been filled with so many other things. Like chocolate cake with peppermint icing. Can you say YUM? Makes great breakfast food and marries well with coffee laced with heavy cream. Now that's worth making resolutions over.

So, all this rambling to say we WILL be updating the pictures on this picture lacking blog, IF i get off this chair, yank, i mean gently pull, a certain man off the couch and convince him that it would be in his best interest to fix our camera. And for all of you who gave in to peer pressure and made New Year resolutions, may you keep every single one of them. Who knows, maybe next year i'll join you........if it involves chocolate cake and peppermint icing. And a new camera.


  1. You make me smile. (sometimes laugh outloud, and of course, sometimes cry) Karen

  2. would love seeing more pics !!!!
    always enjoy your blogs!!!
    my new years resolution?..loose 20-30 lbs. by March :)
    hope you all are well and the farming going well too. Hope to see ya this spring, Lord willing!-jan

  3. Hooray for more pictures! And I resolve to have no resolutions! hah! That said, I have given up sweets and wheats. Sigh. Not because it is the new year but because I enjoy self torture. Not really. Really because I'm too fat and I've been far too naughty of late. I sure would love to see 20# drop by March! Jan - what's your plan?! But I am not counting on it. Especially if blogging friends (fiends?) tempt and taunt with descriptions of chocolate cake with peppermint icing.

    Well. Off to eat split pea soup. *sigh*


  4. Licia, if you lose 20 pounds by March.........hmmm, maybe i should join you! yeah, i like that idea. And you are NOT fat!!

    Jan is losing it the "easy" way.......by having a baby. Not sure that's exactly the easy way though. :)

    And don't call me a "fiend", since i already had a dear friend from church call me a small being sitting on her shoulder with a pitchfork, convincing her to eat cheesecake. Such friends i have.....


  5. I'm sorry. You are far from a fiend, especially since you have stevia sweetened lattes. You are quite a dear friend! Especially if you can figure out how to make a stevia sweetened cheesecake! Then, you'll have to bring a pitchfork so I can shovel it in fast enough!

    Love ya!

  6. Haha, i like the picture of lady like Licia shoveling cheesecake with a pitch fork. Actually, i have a friend who makes stevia sweetened cheesecake. I'll have to ask for a recipe. AND! my man is going sugar free for a month with me! :)

  7. Wooo Hooo!!! I'm not alone in this cold hard world! (But, I do feel quite good after a week and a half, or so!)

  8. i'll be looking for some of that chocolate cake with peppermint icing at church when you're on for dessert! just not this sunday, since we won't be there! have a great weekend.


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