29 January, 2011

A Good Day......

Today was a good day. I needed a good day, and God knew that.....so He gave me one. Isn't He awesome?

I have been feeling discouraged lately in regards to the history and geography, or lack of it, in our home school. I had some really good plans all laid out, and between the cows, adjustment to farm living, the flu and my lack of planning, it simply hasn't happened. So i started praying about it and one evening a light bulb went off in this dull brain of mine. I was so excited i almost couldn't fall asleep that night but somehow i managed.........you see, i am one of those fortunate women who truly enjoy teaching her children. That fact has surprised even me, and much of the time i feel like i don't have a clue what i'm doing, but sitting beside my children and explaining what an adjective is just does something for me. Go figure.....But the thing that really gets me going is history, geography, world culture and big discussions on how it all applies to us. I love getting all passionate and waving my hands in the air while i create word pictures in the children's mind. I inherited this trait from my father and you know what? I'm ok with that....and because it's school, the kids have to listen. Hah! So i was feeling rather depressed that we had done no formal studying (whatever that is) on any of those subjects this year, in spite of the fact that i know our children are getting a rich education in so many other areas.  And then i realized that the answer was right in front of my nose, FOR FREE! Isn't that just like God?

So what's my plan? Well, we try to sit around the living room every evening and mama Weav reads from a  "living" book (which means a book rich in real life and since our goal is to have children that are not "american dream" minded we tend to lean towards missionary stories) and right now we're going through, "Lady on a Donkey." No, the book isn't about me..... It's about a woman named Lillian Trasher who moves to Egypt in the early 1900's and ends up starting an orphanage. It's an amazing story, rich with meaning and yet brutally honest about the realistic problems and trials she walked through. So we are now doing a study on Egypt, complete with a lapbook, Egyptian food (fig cakes anyone?) and dress up, Egyptian style. I had a friend send me this link to an amazing website where i'm getting my stuff from. http://www.homeschoolshare.com/ancient_egypt.php 

I was a little nervous Eric would think he's getting to old for this kind of stuff but he loved it. I told the kids that we were skipping normal school today such as math and instead we worked on our new project.  They colored and cut, wrote and pasted. We studied the map, finding Egypt and the route that Lillian Trasher took from New York city into the Alexandria port. We discussed the religion of the country, mainly Muslim, and talked about the Nile river, the longest in the world. I was in my glory and my kitchen looked it after we were finished. It was awesome and i just couldn't get done praising God for showing me how to use what i have to teach history, geography and world religion. And yes, i took pictures. For you, my blog readers........

After school and cleaning, Big Daddy Weav got the skid loader out and made a dream sledding hill down the back pasture. Let me tell you, when he decides to create a sledding hill, he goes all out. If you bring food, we might let you sled down the hill too. ;)

It was a good day and tonight, my heart is full.

Sorry for the long distance shot, but i was standing barefoot on the back deck...getting any closer wasn't an option.

Lap-books part way finished......we'll add pictures, vocabulary pockets and more.

Now THAT is a cowboy worth taking pictures of!! Handsome!!

One of the local natives we're reaching out to.......he's worth my effort, wouldn't you say?


  1. Aww! The pics are adorable, Darla! Good job on Homeschooling! I'm sure they are learning alot! God bless! Jewel

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration! :) We also had a day that we scrapped the regular school books...we decided to make a care package for some friends that are seriously ill that included gifts, pictures, notes and lots of love and prayers! Now...THAT is what we all need to learn to do more of, don't you think? ?:) And it helps Mama's mood and the childrens moods...it binds those heart strings a little tighter and all is well once again in our home school!

    Oh! And it probably helped that I had a a wonderful conversation with my dear friend that moved Faaaaaar away to the land of "red-necks".....;) (that really was a treat!)

    Love you lots,

  3. Oh...that little guy looks more and more like his father each and every day. :)

  4. Yea, Darla! Isn't free fun?! This may be a dumb question (we seem to produce a lot of those around here *eye roll*) but what are you making your lap book out of? Is it just a big old colored piece of paper? Colored manila folder? I've never done lap books and have just started to seriously look into them and I would like to continue the 'use what we have' way of doing things, but my creative juices are pretty dried up. Your lap books look like they are within reach - not complicated, but still FUN!

    Any tips for this mama who used to think she knew everything but now knows better - and is finally ready to learn from those who have gone before?


  5. Hi Darla! I am enjoying your "new blog" and the pictures! Good Job!! Wow, how long ago did you guys move... I can't remember... but your kiddos all look a year older!!! (and did you know that Emily looks like her one Aunt?) Can't wait to see you all in person again!! :)
    May you blessed with more good days this week!
    Love ya! Dawn

  6. Hi Licia, i make my lapbooks out of file folders. You simply open them up, and fold each end in to meet in the middle. I almost added pictures showing how....still can if you wish. Or i could just email you the pictures too.

    And hi Dawn..we have plans to invite you up soon. I want to paint my kitchen first. ;) And i'm dying to know which aunt Emily looks like.....


  7. Thanks, Darla! No need for pictures... I think! :-)


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