01 February, 2011

Mama and her boys.........

Marlin informed me Saturday morning that i had no choice but to go sledding. Never one to turn down a challenge, i layered my clothing and headed out to the wild, woolly hill on the back forty. It was great.....i screamed and Marlin got some serious belly laughs in. Let me tell you, if i 'm headed down a hill and can no longer see where I'm going, due to the speed of the sled,  i won't hesitate to plow into a small snow bank to save my life.

In all reality, the hill is not dangerous, it's just that I'm not used to having my face 5 inches from the ground,with snow flying past my face. I do realize, that with having 6 sons, i may as well prepare for a lot more thrilling rides in my future. ..


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