22 January, 2011


Our little pumpkin......how we love him!! Don't you just want to bury your nose in those fat little cheeks? Poor little guy, he'll be playing happily, only to get swooped up by some Jacob hungry arms, and kissed over and over. I tell him almost daily that it simply must be illegal to be that cute but we'll forgive him.....

I just wish he wasn't growing up so fast.

His favorite sister.......his only sister.......his beloved sister. If mommy or daddy isn't available he'll trot over to Emily, holding up his little pudgy hands, just knowing that she'll drop everything she's doing to give him some lovin's. And of course he's rarely disappointed.


  1. OK, Now THIS is what I am talking about!!! BRING on the CUTENESS!!!!!! OH MY! OH MY!!!! This is just so much more fun reading your blog with pictures, just like picture books.;) Thanks for sharing the love. Oh, and yes we have our own little lawbreaker over here, he is officially way too cute as well.

    Love ya,

  2. I agree, he is way too cute and Emily is so beautiful!!!


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