21 January, 2011

Winter.....Snyder County style

The view from my front porch........beautiful, isn't it?

 The view from the side of the house........and certain people having way too much fun. It's the redneck way of sledding..rosy cheeks, sparkly eyes, faces framed with snow crystals.......mama's too civilized so she stays behind the camera. ;)

Enjoy the snow......stay warm.....drink lots of tea.......and most of all, find a friend who owns either a snowmobile or three wheeler and have him give you a sled ride like no other. It'll keep you young.


  1. Oh Darla!
    I'm jealous! If I were you I would be sitting on one of them sleds or at least driving the 4 wheeler!! I like to be behind the camera, too, but that looks mighty tempting out there!:) Happy Winter!

  2. Forgot to sign my name! I'm Jewel!:)

  3. Lol, i DO enjoy careening around on snowmobiles and three wheelers, but to be honest, i'm not the wild woman i was at one time, especially in snow. I love snow but more the cozy factor from inside.......however, when i get on the three wheeler in the summer time? My dad just shakes his head and mutters something about crazy people and rednecks. There's nothing like going to the Amish bulk food store with the wind in your face.....


  4. I hear ya! It's amazing how age can mature us, eh?! Billie was telling me all kinds of interesting things about the Amish Bulk Food Store!:) Next time I come out you all will have to take me there!! Jewel


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