09 February, 2011

Woodcutting.........and more.

It was woodcutting day at the farm. Lots of people, lots of wood and lots of food. It was great..........at first we weren't sure it was even going to happen, with the freezing rain and misery outside but in true Weaver fashion, the woodcutting happened anyway. And when the Weaver's get together, there's bound to be excitement. We had a truck and trailer stuck in the back pasture, a large tractor roaring in to help, and a small minivan that was needed for the large tractor in the pasture before the tractor could rescue the truck......still not sure how all that happened, especially the minivan part. I looked out the kitchen window in time to see the aforementioned minivan backing 2/3rd's of the way up the pasture before gaining much speed to make it up over the hill. The ladies encouraged the situation with many donuts, much coffee and large mugs of milk. From inside.........

Jonathan and Caleb spent all morning in the drizzling rain, "helping" and eating donuts like men.
My brother-in-law Matt and son Ringo splitting wood. I'm telling you, this gang knows how to work!!
Yep, that's the line up for supper and that's only about half the people. We had over 30 people in this house, which meant over 60 shoes in the laundry, and many piles of soggy coats, hats, mittens and gloves. It was great!!

Marlin's sister Dorcas, cutting donuts instead of wood. She is pregnant with number 7...beautiful, isn't she? And yes, that's Jacob eating raw donut dough. Being a relaxed mama is a good thing.

Emily and her cousin Vicki, who helped to fry the donuts and was my right hand lady the whole weekend in the kitchen.

I have so many other blog posts rolling around my mind......serious ones, the kind that have been burning on my heart, but the kind that can only be written when the moment is right. Some of those kind never get written............For us personally, God is taking us through another time of testing, stretching our faith and at the same time, drawing us closer together as a family. Our children are learning that nothing is too small to pray for, even another sick calf who is most certainly going to die.......they see their strong daddy fighting for it's life and they see mama eating yet another piece of cheesecake. (didn't expect that one did you.....actually, they have seen me eating very little cheesecake as i have mostly been eating it in hiding.) It's life, and it's what makes or breaks us and through it all, i look at my husband and i'm like, "come to mama!" He has never been more handsome to me or more manly........but since you really did not come to my blog to hear all that, i will now say, "adios" and good night.


  1. Yum! I have just been thinking lately that I would like to make homemade donuts to treat the children's school teachers and Winfred's employees. Thanx for your inspiration! It just might get done real soon!:)Jewel

  2. Looks like alot of fun! Lovin the pictures. Anxious to get up to see you sometime. Your friend, Karen

  3. Hurray... I got to see a little of your house now! (and you better wouldn't have been serious when you said about wanting to paint the kitchen before we come... don't be ridiculous! ) Looks like you had a great time... I like the homemade donuts part!! :)

  4. oh...I wanna be there with the gang! Enough trying to make me "homesick"! :) No, glad yous could have a good time together! and thanks for sharing the pics..hannah's like, "who's that..who's that? " sad she don't know her cousins! hugs to all!..Jan

  5. Aww Janice, i would've LOVED to have you here. We miss you and can't wait to see you again!!!


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