20 January, 2011

Our Junco

How handsome is an 11 year old boy with a small bird that he caught? Very!
He brought it to me, clutching it in the palm of his hand, cupping it with the other.
"Yes son?"
"I have something to show you."
Now i have to tell you, when my boys come carrying something covered in their hands, i get nervous. Real nervous. However, i'm learning to take a deep
breath, smile, breathe a quick prayer that it's not a 

snake or a mouse and say with eager anticipation,
 "What is it?" You see, i've been burned, not by my sons but by other people's sons, both big and little. I remember sitting happily at a church picnic, visiting with my friends when a young boy comes bouncing up to me, carrying a covered plate. "Hey, look at this!" he cheerily says and i look. And scream. Small mammals don't belong on covered paper plates, especially at church functions. It was only then that i realized half the people were watching, doubled over with laughter. I was set up and i've never gotten over it. I've also been handed beautifully wrapped gifts only to discover the kind of toy that i never allowed in my home before. Rubber snakes. Ahem....i wonder who THAT was. Soooo, when my sons come in with a sweet smile and covered hands, i start feeling funny, but i am a big girl and i can face my fear.

A Junco is nothing to fear however, and i have to say that i am delighted with the tenderness i see in our sons toward animals, even a helpless bird. We all ooohed and aaahhed, and afterwards he took it outside, setting it free, his eyes shining with the joy of having touched a special part of God's creation. Another homeschool science lesson completed.........and mama didn't even scream.


  1. wow ! Eric has grown so much and is changing his looks! Enjoyed the pics and blog..HOPE to see ya all in March if plans work out:)
    Take care! Love, Jan

  2. Beautiful!! I love the new look of your blog!!

  3. Hi Jan, we MISSED you at the cabin and i can't wait to see you again!!

    Thanks Joyful Mama, i love it too. Marlin did a great job......as always. And i'm having too much fun with the new camera card. I'm looking forward to actually knowing what i'm doing. :)



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