25 August, 2011

In need of a broom

It's been a long day. We left yesterday at 6:40 a.m. for Vermont to look at cows and at 5:30 in the evening we finally reached my sister's house. It was a long day yesterday too. They were good long days, (minus the normal bumps when you travel with 7 young children, a 7 month pregnant lady, and a van without air conditioning) since it's been almost a year since we took even an overnight trip and the children were so excited. We had a great time with my sister and her family and i fell in love with the area and the old restored houses. I just love New England style homes, with their straight lines and painted clapboards. It's amazing to me how each state is so different. Sometimes i feel almost sad that i can only experience one state or place at a time, since this world is such an interesting place. Just think of all the friends waiting to be met and relationships that could be built if we only had the time. And money. I almost forgot how much money it takes to travel, even when you pack all your meals in a blue cooler, and sleep at a sister's house. Thankfully rest areas are free and McDonald ice cream cones make children happy. Except when you hand a 3 year old twin a kiddie cone, forgetting when you ordered how very small kiddie cones are, and he is terribly offended that he doesn't have a big one like the big children. What's a mama to do but make sure his will is surrendered and he happily eats his 1 inch tall cone, and then allow him (and every other large gaping mouth in the van) to help finish off her mango pineapple smoothie.

But now we're back and happy to be home. My heart is slowly starting to feel that this is actually home and for that i'm very grateful. But i'm forgetting why i'm posting in the first place. Marlin rushed off to brother's meeting this evening and in the frustration of trying to get some very grouchy children bathed and in bed,  i wasn't exactly gracious, kind, or long suffering. While i didn't raise my voice, my frustration showed through.

And then i was handed a small card from one of the children that had frustrated me the most. He had no clue of how i felt inside when i was ordering him to get his behonkus in gear or pay the price, so it made the card all the more sweet. But one of the sweetest moments for me was looking out at the table and seeing this. Big brother helping little brother get the card and words just right, to bless their mother who not long before felt like taking her broom to a certain backside. I should have just taken the broom to my own.


  1. How sweet children can be and also how very frustrating!It takes their sweetness to humble us,I guess.It was so nice you could get away for a night and spend time with family.God bless the rest of your summer!~Elaine

  2. Thanks for the encouragement to be more like Christ each day, in spite of flesh and hormones. I just had baby #6 and have really struggled this time. Just knowing that others are going through the same kinds of things and are still striving to live for God is a great comfort. Thanks!!!! ~Mrs. E.


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