12 August, 2011

Our Summer

My feet hurt, so i sit down at the computer with a sigh, taking a deep sip of my iced berry, berry tea. (thanks Licia, it's hits the spot.) I prepare to write yet another blog post that i will probably never post. I think it's a pregnancy thing......go figure.

It's been a busy summer. An unusual one, thanks to the flooding that happened a couple of months ago. A certain Weaver creature, we're not sure who but suspect the large, brainless, pregnant one, left an upstairs bathroom faucet on full blast and then went on her way to a Bible study with her family. 4 1/2 hours later they return to three flooded stories, water cascading down the living room steps, the basement steps, standing water upstairs, in the kitchen, on the kitchen counter, in the playroom, storage room, laundry..........We (or should i say Marlin) gave up sucking water into a shop vac at 2 a.m. and went to bed. Long story short, insurance covered all new flooring upstairs and down, along with new formica in the kitchen and new paint in the main part of the house. In defense of the unlucky person, there was no water pressure when they had left the house prior to Bible study, thanks to a large tank of water being filled at the barn, causing all water pressure to cease upstairs. We left, water pressure came back on and viola', flooding...........of course, i took pictures of the devastation, only to have my incredibly wise husband not so wisely delete most of the pictures on the camera, thinking that I had saved them on the computer. I don't even know how to save pictures, so i'm not sure where he got that impression. ;)

So now we are almost done with remodeling. It wasn't radical compared to some remodels, but for us, it was perfect. The house now feels more like ours and not so much like mom and dad's. Ironically, just weeks prior to the flooding, i had reached a place of complete contentment with the house. Sure, it needed a face lift, but God had done a work in both my heart and Marlin's in contentment. One thing that really surprised me was the calm and peace in my heart when i walked in that night to the sound of water. It had been an incredibly rough week up to that point and i had shared at Bible study that i felt at a very weak place in my faith......so why wasn't i beyond discouraged that night? I found out when a friend shared a couple of days later that on Friday she was mowing the lawn and it came to her strongly that she needed to pray for the Weavers.  Once again i was blown away by the God we serve.

So we have the hardwood flooring to complete, and then we're more or less finished. There are still rooms that could use painting, but for now, we'll stop. So, yes, it's been quite the summer. All my big plans for a beautiful, big garden went flying out the window......i have tomatoes, corn and peppers, but mostly i have weeds. Such tall weeds that the children have made paths and houses among the stalks but i'm ok with that. That's why the garden is in the pasture, far, far away from the house. :)  And i discovered within the last week that some evil chickens that we so graciously allowed to live for a bit longer, have almost totally decimated our tomato and pepper plants. They will find their final resting place in my freezer VERY shortly.....little buggers.

And the small Weaver babe in my womb continues to grow. We did find a midwife, even though i've only seen her once, but we like her and while she seems very knowledgeable, she's also relaxed enough to trust my mother's instinct. This baby is so very wanted, that it makes my heart ache for all those small ones who are tossed aside like so much garbage.

As i sit here and think over our summer, I'm amazed at the hills and valleys that makes up a person's life. The joys, the hurts, the tears and the belly laughs, but through it all I am filled with worship. Worship at a loving God who actually wants a relationship with me in spite of my humanity. Amazement at the people that God has brought into our lives and who have given and given, both with physical gifts and also with prayers, support, and love, until i am speechless. I struggle with wondering how i can pay these blessings back, feeling completely inadequate and helpless to repay. So for all of you out there who have so richly given into our lives, we are eternally grateful. Thank you.

And yes, i have pictures to download, but i am completely challenged when it comes to camera's and computers and after trying how many times, i give up. At least until Marlin has time to figure out why the computer is acting so retarded. I always knew there was a reason that i have a longing to live in the 1800's........


  1. I so enjoyed reading this! If pregnancy is your excuse for not posting, than what is mine?! Maybe we can start a new trend: We can post quarterly! "Our Summer" "Our Autumn" "Our Winter" "Our Spring".

    I chuckled at your last paragraph. This past week Abigail said to me, "I wish we could do the things Pa and Ma and Mary and Laura did. You know - like go west in a wagon, build a cabin... and I wish you could sew better because that would make it more real!" Ah, well. I wish I could sew better too!!

    Well, I need to get up off my duffer and get to work!

    I miss you my friend, and think of you often.
    (PS - my attitude is being resolved. I had a good talk with my hero about that which I called you about. He didn't have much to say, but whatever it was he DID say helped! Thank you for your listening ear!)

  2. read it, loved it, wonder if the Martins will ever visit bro. Ivans & the Weavers...keep on keeping on! ~~Pauline

  3. Wow Darla! You have been through alot this summer! I hope you realize there are better days ahead! Keep looking up and you'll look back with quite the memories! You need to write a book I do believe! Best wishes on your last 2 month of pregnancy!

  4. Oh, forgot to sign my name...It's Jewel!

  5. I enjoy your posts . . . You are so honest . . . :)


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