19 November, 2013


   And still we wait......things are slowly happening but it can be a long, slow process with anencepahly. I'm not terribly uncomfortable, altho the cramping and contractions that i've had for the last week continues. We find our hearts filled with peace and the people here at Tenwek are absolutely incredible, from the doctors to the mothers who bring the meals. I am learning much about hospitality and we are so very thankful for God's mercy in bringing us to a place filled with love and healing. He continues to be good......

   Thank you, thank you for all the emails and comments!!!! We feel the prayers and love in a very real way.


  1. Dear Darla My heart goes out to you all ! We continue to pray for you and hope that you can continue to feel Gods peace thru this time. In the state of PA a family buried there 8 year old girl yesterday due to a fast growing cancer that the Doc. couldn't treat for. They can feel your pain as well. Our ladies at church are praying for you all. Love Marlene (green ridge)

  2. And we wait with you!
    We continue to pray for you and your family. The kids still talk about you daily! They pretend all your kids are here playing with them. Abigail has been praying for Emily... and missing her!
    You and your family are so precious...


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