25 December, 2013

Merry Christmas to all....

......and to all a good night. Ho, ho, ho!!

   Unless you were the Weavers the week of the 25th, year of our Lord 2013. What we got was a nasty puke bug, combined with fever and severe aches. I spent the 24th in bed and Marlin threw up literally 2 minutes before heading off to the children's christmas program that evening. He made it through, with sweat pouring off his noble brow (anyone who can handle the public with a rolling stomach has a very noble brow) and then headed home to bed.


So instead of church today we stayed at home, except for a trip to Nakumatt for the toilet paper and butter that he wasn't able to get yesterday. He even treated us to lunch to make Christmas at least a little special for this crew (his brow just gets nobler) while propping his head on his hands and falling asleep waiting for his chicken, ham and egg sandwich. I did manage to give each child their special Christmas plate with fruit and candy on it but that was the extent of my Christmas giving. My noble browed man and the boys had sneaked out to the animal market yesterday before the flu hit him and bought me 2 beautiful dark red plates with African wildlife on them. He had them personally inscribe the verse, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart" on the first one, and "and He shall direct your path." on the second one. How ironic that he chose that verse while i was busy railing against God for allowing us to get sick over Christmas.

   It truly is the small foxes that spoil the vine. When we found out about Hadassah and then through her birth and death, i never struggled with any anger or bitterness toward God whatsoever. Not even once. Grief? YES! Pain? Absolutely! But complete surrender and peace rested in my heart. Yesterday? i was plain down mad at God. I felt we deserved a beautiful Christmas after losing our little girl and not celebrating with family, in a country that's far too hot to feel like "jingle bells, jingle bells." ( do you know how ridiculous that sounds in a country like this?)  But no, we get sick. Puking, cramping, run for the toilet kind of sick. The children had worked so hard for their program and then two of them almost didn't make it. So i sat down and had a good cry about it, and while ironing Emily's dress for the program it crossed my mind that perhaps now would be a good time to "thank Him in all things." Suffice it to say that while i didn't feel like a hundred bucks at the program, God was gracious and allowed Marlin to be there and the children did FANTASTIC with their program. I was so proud i nearly burst out crying. HOW did we ever manage to get such beautiful, amazing children? I think it may have more to do with their noble browed father than the other parent. She's still trying to smash the little foxes.

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  1. Darla, I sure love you!
    You do have amazing, wonderful children and I know it has a whole LOT to do with not only their noble-browed father, but also their brave, mighty, fox-slaying mother - who, in these parts, is known far wand wide for her smiles that she rains down on her wooly headed rascals.
    I will pray for a VERY speedy recovery - especially for you and Marlin! Moms and dads are just NOT supposed to get sick - even if they are in Kenya!

    You are never far from my thoughts!


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