23 March, 2016

It's my Life

.....frying mandazis

.....listening to Pandora.....what is it about music that just.....works? I find myself dancing around the kitchen, grubby apron wrapped around my middle, music swirling around like so many sunbeams. Standing still in church while singing is next to impossible for me and its not because we have a band. We sing old fashioned hymns but we stand and the acoustics are amazing in our little country church and the worship lifts me up, up away.......

.....kissing a fat baby boy with a very bad cold

.....pulling out kenyan treasures, remembering

.....sitting in our store, chatting with the hot owner who also happens to by my husband, on stools that have price stickers on them

....watching the trees bursting into buds....purple and white haze filling the tree lines

....laughing as cousins make memories and delight in the joy that is family

....knowing that Jesus loves me, even me

These are a few of the things that are occupying my days and it's good. Very good.


  1. Yay for the simple things in life that fill our days and resound with the Presence of the One who Loves and Loves and Loves... the simple things that fill and breathe life into the moments between the unending and often wearying acts of cooking, wiping noses, reading another book, teaching the letters of the alphabet (again), and sweeping, dishes and all the rest that goes into serving.

    Our lives are a tapestry full of color and empty space, each as important as the last...

    And I love it that my tapestry has threads of you in it! All woven together in God's tapestry!

  2. Found your blog and like it. I wish there were more movement in our worship. Maybe you could start it. :)


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